WL2T, one of the fastest growing online B2B (business to business) bed-banks distributing its services to online travel agencies, retail agencies, and tour operators.
We think life is better when it’s less complicated. So, at We Love To Travel, we are driven to offer excellent products and make it FASTER, EASIER AND MORE PROFITABLE for our partners to search, book, and transact travel arrangements – it’s that simple!
WL2T IS A PRIVATLY owned travel company, founded in 2019, WITH MAIN OFFICES is in London and in Mallorca AND REGIONAL offices in Istanbul and Warsaw.
We offer FIT and Group Travel products in beach and city destinations across more than 110 countries around the world. Our TEAM OF travel experts PROVIDE UNPARELLED LEVELS OF service and support TO ALL OUR travel agencies and tour operator CLIENTS globally.
The key TO OUR recognized success is faith in our strong partnerships, outstanding customer service combined with WL2T’s exceptional rates, availability, and state-of-the-art technology.

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WL2T – We Love To Travel is a specialized B2B platform that contracts supply from partners and makes it available to client travel seller organizations that aggregate travel demand from a variety of sources.
Unlike many distribution organizations that constrain technical and business innovation.
WL2T – We Love To Travel offers flexibility to maximize the number of partners (supply-side) and clients (demand side) by making it simple to CONNECT and CONTRACT.
As a result, the WL2T – We Love To Travel business model creates a strong network effect, where the marketplace becomes more ACCESSABLE productive and efficient as it increases the number of supply partners and MATCHES THIS WITH OUR clients’ growing demand.
WL2T – We Love To Travel, the combination of the B2B wholesale business processes and OUR advanced technology PLATFOM connections offer a neutral global marketplace, designed for maximum benefit to both the hotel partners and travel seller clients.


The foundation of WL2T is its technology– supported by a NETWORK of experts (both on the supply and demand sides) – to simplify operations, improve efficiency and promote commerce.

Hospitality distribution is highly complex, marked by proprietary technologies and interfaced via multi-layered solutions supporting functionalities for all parties.

WL2T manages a property’s data, with information accessed via direct links with the hotel’s own system, or manually updated by WL2T staff for those without the technology. On the demand side of the business, inventory may be distributed either to tour operators PHYSICAL travel agencies, or online travel agencies.

With travel sellers and hotel partners operating around the world, expectations are for accurate rates, availability, inventory and associated content be instantly available 24/7.

Sophisticated technologies are integrated across multiple data centers throughout the world to improve system response time.

In an age where machine learning and algorithms dominate many industries, the complex nature of travel currently requires resources beyond the capabilities of the most artificial intelligence platforms.

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Streamlining the availability and utility of essential content is ESSENTIAL for efficient business operations.

Expanded GLOBAL Reach

Support a wider rangeof geographic markets and/or product types.

Easier Connectivity

Reducing effort andtime required to initially gain access to asystem or content.

Simplified Processes

Removing steps and/or complexity to make essential task completion easier.


Producing a higher quality product/service, while reducing the margin for error.

Increase Speed

Faster performance with more frequent updates.

Improve Accuracy

Correct data, reliably and precisely updated on time.

OPTIMUM Organization / Greater Detail

Enable more logical access to more information.


Strong technology, a solid business model and quality content are important, but consistent customer-centric service delivery when things go wrong is the litmus test for satisfaction and retention.


Makeit easier for customers to work with an organizationat every touch-point.

Enhance Operational Outcomes

Eliminates points of failure, mitigates risk and anticipates customer needs.

Support Client & Partner Goals

Understand customer evaluation criteria and performance benchmarks to exceed expectations.

End-User(Traveler) Assistance

Assist customers experiencing travel and service disruptions by quickly identifying solutions.


Offering an enhanced return in exchangefor effort–producing greater benefit from lower risk.

Reduce Cost

Lower the expense required to perform tasks.

Grow Revenue

Increase sales volume or enable greater margin.

Conserve Capital

Require fewer resources to efficiently operate.


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